We decided to use the best hotel in the area, however we could not book with a hotel block. Instead we did the research for you, found the least expensive website and chose the Holiday Inn Express in Branford, CT as the most viable option. These are currently going for $136.99/night. (Link below!) We are staying here and hope you do too!

Holiday Inn Express
309 E Main St, Branford, CT, 06405 United States

Transportation (to and from the venue - from the hotel)

We decided to just go with good old Uber. If you are staying at the hotel, it is 1.3 miles door to door. We were unable to contract a good limo service and the hotel does not offer shuttles for the night that can accommodate all of us comfortably. If you are checking into the hotel between the church and reception our best advice is to get an uber if you plan on drinking... which we encourage! It is open bar after all!


A party bus will be provided only for the bridal party members. The bus will first pick up and drop off the guys from the Rizio/Perez Home in Bridgeport at approximately 12:00pm. The bus will then leave the church and pick up the girls at the Rizio Family Home in Monroe after we are all done with hair and makeup! We all will then board the party bus after the ceremony and photos on the church grounds and head over to the venue. We will not be stopping at the hotel in between.
Jessica Williams